The link between the management of scarce resources, plants and people inherent in the term economic botany resonates deeply with a contemporary sustainability agenda.
— Stephen Forbes, Former Director Adelaide Botanic Garden 



The Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium of South Australia. The Santos Museum of Economic Botany at the Adelaide Botanic Garden is a museum dedicated to the exhibition of collections in celebration of the importance of plants in our lives; past, present and future.

Guildhouse champions South Australian creative professionals. We work with artists, industry, government and audiences to build skills and knowledge, creating opportunities for meaningful, sustainable careers in the creative sector. 

The Royal Adelaide Hospital Centre for Creative Health exists to improve the quality and experience of healthcare across the life course through art and design.

Flinders Medical Centre Arts in Health Program delivers a continuous program of arts-based interventions designed to improve and enrich the physical environment and health care experience of the hospital. 

Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation Arts in Health Program integrates art into the life of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital to improve a child’s health and wellbeing. 

Australian Bioactive Compounds Centre (ABCC) is a collaboration between the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia and aims to apply ecological and Indigenous knowledge to improve the efficiency of identifying biologically active compounds from plants found in Australia, and to fast-track these into commercially useful products in areas including medicine and agriculture.

Urban Mind is a strategic consultancy, leading purpose-driven systems change for collective impact, through collaborative design. 

Buddle Design is an independent graphic design consultancy, headed by Catherine Buddle.


Advisory Group

Trish Hansen Principal, Urban Mind; Project Director and Chair, Medicinal Botanicals Project

Tony Kanellos Curator, Santos Museum of Economic Botany, Adelaide Botanic Garden

Emma Fey Executive Director, Guildhouse

Sally Francis Manager, Arts in Health at FMC, Flinders Medical Centre

Michelle Cripps Director, Royal Adelaide Hospital Centre for Creative Health

Jill Newman Arts Coordinator, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation: Arts in Health 

Dr Bradley Simpson Lecturer, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia

Professor Philip Weinstein Co-Director, Australian Bioactive Compounds Centre (ABCC)

Dr Lisa Slade Assistant Director, Artistic Programs, Art Gallery of South Australia

Simone Tippett Director, Union Street Printmaker

Catherine Buddle Principal, Buddle Design